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Taking care of our people — those coming in day in and day out to work with us to fulfill our mission — is our number one priority. For us, that means paying a real living wage, providing a safe and professional workplace, and empowering our employees to take ownership of and pride in the work they are doing.

We are always looking for good people to work with us. Whether you are interested in a few shifts a week or a long-term career, we encourage you to reach out and learn more about what working at the knack could mean for you.

For experienced people available year round, we start hourly wages as follows: front of house, prep, or dish positions: $20/hour; kitchen line cooks $25/hour. In addition, all hourly positions receive their share of credit card tips, which results in substantial additional earnings. For example, in the 2021 season at our Orleans location, every member of our staff averaged an additional: $10.84/hour in earnings from credit card tips.  Full time employees also receive health insurance benefits and paid time off.

We are listing our starting pay rates for experienced people. We love giving pay raises, and we do so for those who excel in their positions and are tasked with management responsibilities.  With two year-round locations, we are always looking for well-motivated, organized and hard-working people. Pay for management positions is significantly higher than our starting wages.

We know that we will only succeed if we make an outsized commitment to our people. We hope you consider joining us. To start our journey together, please fill out the form below.

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